All about Visas

Visa – a mark in the passport, certifying the right to cross the border of the country.

The main types of visas (based on the purpose of the trip):
A (of airport) – gives the right to stay within transit the airport (without going beyond its limits).
B (transit) – giving the right of transit through the territory of the country (up to 5 days).
C (Schengen) – gives the right to stay in the country that issued a visa for a specified period and with such a visa you can travel throughout the Schengen zone.
D (national) – long-term visa, entitling officially operate in the country that issued it; the right of transit through the territory of the Schengen area; the right to stay in the Schengen zone to 3 months (half a year).

Visa Application Centre accepts applications for short stay visas and long stay visas. Passport should be valid for at least three months after visa expiry date and there should be at least two blank pages available in the passport for visa. It is recommended to obtain a new passport before submission of your application, if mentioned requirements are not met.

Applicants applying for Schengen visa are requested to apply in person at the Visa Centre. Minor children below 12 are exempted from the personal appearance at the VAC.

Excluded from the necessity to book appointments through the call centre / website are travelers in emergency cases (e.g. funeral, urgent medical treatment).

The processing time for the visa application is approximately 6 working days. In case and additional processing of the documents is required the visa processing time could be extended up to 30 days.

ATTENTION! Please note that obtaining a visa does not guarantee entrance of the territory of Republic of Poland. Final decision on the entry is taken by the Border Guards.

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