What and how much can be transported across the border in Poland?

Everyone, going to Poland, asked himself: “What, and most importantly – how much, I can take with?”

Crossing the border with Poland are 2 types of control – 1) customs 2) passport. Customs control it is when guards checked baggage in terms of transportation of prohibited products and items or exceeding their permitted amount.


It should be remembered that in 2009 in Poland, as a country of the European Union, is strictly prohibited entry:
– milk and dairy products (yogurt, cheese, etc.)
– meat and products of its content (ham, sausage, etc., ie products of animal origin)
– salo
– chocolate
– canned

Exceptions: baby food, fish and seafood, 5 kg of fresh vegetables and fruits.

In small quantities can be transported, sausage and bacon (if they cut into small pieces), food (in small quantities is not for sale).

Alcohol and tobacco

In Poland, persons who have reached 17 years can bring:

– 1 liter “strong” alcohol (strength of more than 22.3%)
– 2 liters of medium strength alcohol (strength less 22.3%). For example: 0.5 liters of vodka and 1 liter of liquor
– 40 cigarettes (two packs) or 50 grams of tobacco smoking. When crossing the air – no more than 200 cigarettes (10 packs).

WARNING! Transportation of alcohol and cigarettes meticulously controlled. Remember that the detection of concealed and deliberately exceeding the allowable limit food a person can receive the penalty of confiscation of goods, imposition of fines (eg., 50 euros for a block of cigarettes), cancellation of visas, deportation or even the EU for a period of 5 years.


In Poland without filling declarations allowed to carry any currency in the amount equivalent to 10,000 Euro (per person).

It should also be remembered that often relatively Polish border guards asked about the availability of a sufficient amount of livelihood for a planned trip. If you planned stay in Poland for 3 days, you should have the financial means necessary to cover the costs of accommodation, meals, entry and exit of the territory of the Republic of Poland, at least PLN 300 or the equivalent of this amount in foreign currency.

Therefore, it is best to have at least some minimum amount of money in cash, and the rest are in plastic (credit) cards.

Gifts and goods designed for their own needs and the needs of the family are exempt from taxation at the border if their total value does not exceed 300 euros (for travelers under 15 years – 150 euros). When crossing by air or sea will make the sum of 430 euros.


Do not believe the myth ban transportation of medicaments. In fact, medicaments can be transported in quantities sufficient for one person for personal use, that does not indicate their use for commercial purposes, namely “five smallest dosage forms of the medicament.”

So if you take your own from a standard kit with conventional medicaments for headaches, temperature, sickness, etc., no one will make comments.

For transportation as excessive amounts of even conventional medicaments (eg, socks and hidden in the lining or bags) will certainly be a protocol violation with further liability under the law.


Carry the border can not be more than five pets. Under EU rules in this case must have a certificate of their health status with a note on vaccination against rabies and other vaccinations required, and most animals must be signed electronic ID (labeled labeled microchips).

On the border also need to complete a declaration of temporary export of animals and return them back. The document presented to the return of animals from the EU. Transportation of animals across the border may in certain points.

In Poland it is PROHIBITED to import:
– Drugs, narcotics and psychotropic substances
– Weapons, ammunition, explosives, nuclear and radioactive substances, chemical and toxic products
– Animals and plants that are endangered, as well as products obtained from them
– Pornography
– Pirated goods and goods that infringe intellectual property rights
– Ancient monuments (allowing the presence of permits and declaration).

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